As Of: April 30th 2010

Hamburgers Sold During April 2010 and Total Until April 30th 2010

McDonald's announced their Systemwide Sales Growth Percentage excluding the impact of foreign currency fluctions and it was 6.4% for the month of April 2010 as compared to the month of April 2009. I know based on previous calculations that the number of hamburgers sold during April 2009 was 1,188,500,041. So if we multiply 1,188,500,041 X 1.064 (the growth rate for April plus 1) I get = 1,264,564,043 Hamburgers sold during April 2010. Then I just add that number to the # of Total Hamburgers sold up until March 31, 2010 1,264,564,043+ 245,359,187,809 = 246,623,751,852 Which Rounds to 247 Billion Sold