The Purpose Of This Site

Remember when you were a kid and the giant golden arches outside every McDonald's proudly proclaimed how many customers they had served since the beginning of time? Wasn't it fun watching the number go up every so often and getting a special feeling knowing you had contributed in a small way to that number? Then, one day, they just stopped counting, for seemingly no reason at all, and the whole thing raised a lot of questions. What exactly were they counting, and how did they get that number? Why did they stop? What would the number be today if they had continued? This site intends to answer all those questions and more. But most importantly, it is supposed to give people that wish they would keep counting, a refuge. Although the number may not be calculated in exactly the same way that Ray Kroc did it so many years ago, and while it would of course be better ifMcDonald's posted the number on all their signs once again, this site can still take us part of the way back to those days of yesteryear.


  1. Mc Donald's is a dirty place.
    Hamburgers in your face
    French fries up your nose.
    Pickles between your toes.
    If I don't get my money back
    I'll have a heart attack.
    McDonald's is a tour the place

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